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  • Jason McCracken

    Jason McCracken

    Operator/Locator 2 More Photos
    • Operator/Locator

      Posted from Williston, North Dakota, United States

      From Charlotte, NC but working on the Pipeline in North Dakota. Started on 16X20, currently on 100X140. Locators from Mark III to F5.

  • Rustyn McConnell

    Rustyn McConnell

    Utility installation 1 More Photo
    • Utility installation

      Posted from Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

      I started drilling in 1997. I've been on 7x11's to 80x100's. I even been on some DW's but I love my 24x40.

  • Jeremy Jensrud

    Jeremy Jensrud

    Forman operator 3 More Photos
    • Forman operator

      I been drilling since I was 17 Iam 24 now ! been all over the us started on a Vermeer 6x6 had that for a few months then moved up to a 7x11 series 2 for a few years did anything u wanted with that small drill from pulling 6 2 inch pipe to drilling in a 800 foot shot for a farmers water tank! then I moved up to a 2012 20x22 and had that a few months then I moved up to a 24x40 for a year I ran the 24x40 we did a 1800 foot shot with that pulling 2 2 inch pipes ! This year we just got a brand new 2014 Vermeer 24x40 and could not be any more excited to see what we get done this year with it ! We run nothing but Vermeer drills and I don't us ever trying any other drills !

  • Mackenzie Grantham

    Mackenzie Grantham

    • Operator

      I have been directional drilling for 2 years out of central Louisiana i started on a ditch witch JT2020 and have since then been operating a Vermeer 7x11, Vermeer 16x20, and Vermeer 24x40. I enjoy the simplicity of a navigator hdd drill, I have been addicted to drilling since the first day I sit on a rig.

  • Misiek Michal

    Misiek Michal

    Dzień jak codzień 3 More Photos
    • Dzień jak codzień

      Moja codzienna praca to przeważnie wiercenia grawitacyjne, czasami trafi się do wciągania coś ciśnienieniowego lub pod kable. Największą rure wciągałem Φ630 na odcinku 26m a najdłuższy odcinek to 272m Φ90. Teraz pracuje na D36X50 serii II wcześniej robiłem na D16X20 serii II gdzie wciągnąłem tą wiertnica największą rure Φ400 na odcinku 24m a najdłuższy odcinek wynosił 182m Φ110