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  • Bob Quillin

    Bob Quillin

    Late nights!!! 2 More Photos
    • Late nights!!!

      Posted from Chickasha, Oklahoma, United States

      Started crossing 900' couldn't leave till was pulled in. 100x140 12" steel casing. Clay, 22 hrs straight.

  • Jordon Bidigare

    Jordon Bidigare

    Brownstown twp water main replacement 1 More Photo
    • Brownstown twp water main replacement

      existing water main was ductile iron, the original plan was to pipe burst 8'' HDPE on that street but our machine could not burst ductile iron pipe even with a cutter because the ductile iron does not split like the cast iron pipe. so the engineers approved us to directional drill a new line (HDPE) and abandon the old one right next to it, with our brand new 24x40 series two.

  • Carlos Corredor

    Carlos Corredor

    • sub contractor

      over a thousand bores in central florida started out w/o a vac it was 5 gallon buckets and mud baths but with good work came recognition got the middle man out of the way not saying the contractor was a bad guy just paid less nt got time for pictures but would enter in a contest with any crew out there on florida soil moved up from the 711 to the 711-913 and need a 20-22 yesterday its just like you guys described nothing in the world like it would one day like to shoot on rocky terrain just to see soil difference am go as far as this have even drilled with tide detergent in the mix tank it worked.???? now where do I sign up for a prize competition ????southeast Vermeer is really #1 in this type of field in equipment and don't even get my kid brother started on subject his name is angel and am carlos in central florida you know us if your a driller company name DIRECT UNDERGROUND

  • Derek Westlake

    Derek Westlake

    Superintendent 1 More Photo
    • Superintendent

      Sharing our unique 330 Vermeer, she's getting broke in

  • Brian Hanafin

    Brian Hanafin

    Week 2 as a operator 2 More Photos
    • Week 2 as a operator

      Posted from Elkhart, Indiana, United States

      My 5th shot in the seat brought to this beauty ! After trying 2 times, my locator Tim decided to have me pull back and we setup on the oposite side and finally got the shot through. Second shot of the day was a short 70 ft. Shot that we had a fiber on the edge of asphalt at 36 " and in the middle was a gas at 44" then back up to a pit at building. Went in at -45 and came out at + 25 pretty sure rods aren't supposed to be pushed to those limits but got the shot done.

  • Colter Bush

    Colter Bush

    Foreman/Locator/Driller 3 More Photos
    • Foreman/Locator/Driller

      900', 8" Steel/4"Steel . 36" seperation. Bore went beautifully. Soil conditions were perfect. Both crews were clicking. Love it when I have bores like this.

  • Colter Bush

    Colter Bush

    Foreman,Locator, Driller
    • Foreman,Locator, Driller

      36x50II 675', dual lines (12"poly, 6"steel). 24" of separation. This was one of those few days were you shake your head, and know that if it were always easy. Everyone would do it.