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  • Brian Hanafin

    Brian Hanafin

    Week 2 as a operator 2 More Photos
    • Week 2 as a operator

      Posted from Elkhart, Indiana, United States

      My 5th shot in the seat brought to this beauty ! After trying 2 times, my locator Tim decided to have me pull back and we setup on the oposite side and finally got the shot through. Second shot of the day was a short 70 ft. Shot that we had a fiber on the edge of asphalt at 36 " and in the middle was a gas at 44" then back up to a pit at building. Went in at -45 and came out at + 25 pretty sure rods aren't supposed to be pushed to those limits but got the shot done.

  • Colter Bush

    Colter Bush

    Foreman/Locator/Driller 3 More Photos
    • Foreman/Locator/Driller

      900', 8" Steel/4"Steel . 36" seperation. Bore went beautifully. Soil conditions were perfect. Both crews were clicking. Love it when I have bores like this.

  • Colter Bush

    Colter Bush

    Foreman,Locator, Driller
    • Foreman,Locator, Driller

      36x50II 675', dual lines (12"poly, 6"steel). 24" of separation. This was one of those few days were you shake your head, and know that if it were always easy. Everyone would do it.

  • Brian Hanafin

    Brian Hanafin

    • drill hand / driver / drill operator

      I started in the industry in January 2014. I hired in as a laborer / truck driver. And as of yesterday finally got my orders, I start training on the drill Monday. Pretty geeked ! Been waiting for 4 months when the company asked me what I wanted to do. The time has come finally. I will be operating a 20×22 S2 and we just purchased a 24×40 S3 so hopefully some day I'll get a shot on that.

  • Travis Lang

    Travis Lang

    driller 1 More Photo
    • driller

      Posted from New Town, North Dakota, United States

      3 600' shots of 10" steel 10' apart from one another across a river valley. Soil was sand, blue clay, gravel, and rock. 3 1400' after these are in with the same soil type.

  • David Truett

    David Truett

    Drill foreman
    • Drill foreman

      I've been drilling now over 10+yrs olive running 24X40 and the 36X50 I have a pull back time of 16min on a 500ft 2" pe and drilled over 3000 ft in under 11 hrs on the 24X40 and I have drilled over 4000 ft in 11 hrs on the 36X50 that's just my today best

  • Trevor Igo

    Trevor Igo

    Partner/Operator 2 More Photos
    • Partner/Operator

      Posted from Weatherford, Oklahoma, United States

      710 Feet of 2 Inch poly for a gas main. Started drilling at 11:00 A.M. and by 2:30 pipe was pulled and site cleaned up. Time included gas company making a fusion 500 feet in and allowing for cool time. We even got to break the new vac in on a very hot day.

  • Jason McCracken

    Jason McCracken

    Operator/Locator 2 More Photos
    • Operator/Locator

      Posted from Williston, North Dakota, United States

      From Charlotte, NC but working on the Pipeline in North Dakota. Started on 16X20, currently on 100X140. Locators from Mark III to F5.