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Corey Allison

Corey Allison

Drilling Closed Loop Geothermal Using 20x22 Series II
  • Drilling Closed Loop Geothermal Using 20x22 Series II

    Posted from Green Bay, WI, US

    I'm starting another project drilling closed loop geothermal wells. I'll be using my Vermeer 20x22 series II. I've been successful using my 16x20 in the past. I'm curious if anyone has attempted this using a standard HDD rig? I'll be installing 1000' of loop in 100' shots, using a cone pattern.


  • Ronald Lowe

    Ronald Lowe

    I've drilled in quite a few loops including my own house. Generally if I had the room I put in 250' bores pulling two pipes in each hole. That used up an entire roll of pipe for each bore. On the request of the customer our goal was to drill down to 25' as fast as possible, level out and then back up to 5' deep where I had a trench dug. Apparently below 20' is optimum for the system.

  • Tyler Bleck

    Tyler Bleck

    I use our 24x40 series II fulltime installing loops. We have been drilling them in now for almost 6 years and have had a lot of success. It is 95% of our drilling business, we use 600' rolls with 300' shots and pull back 2 pipes in the same hole with a "U" bend fused on the end. With the drill it enables us to install our larger pipes that connect the loop field to the furnace in the basement almost seamlessly, I drill 2 separate holes into a 1' x 1'6" pit in the basement and pop up right beside the furnace, it saves a lot of mess outside.