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  • Michael Tyson II

    Michael Tyson II

    From Arcaida, Florida in USA

  • 2 Jobs Posted

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      D16x20 Series II
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    • Most Common Installation
      Fiber Optics


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Past Posts

  • Michael Tyson II

    Michael Tyson II

    Fiber to U.S. Sugar Refinery in Clewston, FL 3 More Photos
    • Fiber to U.S. Sugar Refinery in Clewston, FL

      Posted from Clewiston, Florida, United States

      One Of the Toughest job for any underground company is boring on private property, expressly when the property was developed back in world war 2 era and has many extra added utilities over the years, But definitely a bragging right job! Expressly when we did not hit anything when no one know where anything was and we had to find every thing for our self.

  • Michael Tyson II

    Michael Tyson II

    Trench Foot Drillers 3 More Photos
    • Trench Foot Drillers

      Posted from Orlando, Florida, United States

      Got to love Florida during Rainy Season! Especially this year, water table so bad right now its hard to keep a 30" pit open. This road move project in Orlando "Narcoossee Rd" went from a piece of cake job to a nightmare! Got to love putting on wet boots on first thing in the morning just to go stand in nee deep water to bore a long the side of a ditch or fight the ground water to do a tie in! Standing water while your plowing in the fiber and then build a burm around the bore pipe so you can lower the ends down to dept!

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