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  • Lê Hà

    Lê Hà

    From Ha Noi, Ha Noi in Viet Nam

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      D20x22 Series II
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      Fiber Optics


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  • Lê Hà

    Lê Hà

    Drill through the River in Viet Nam 2 More Photos
    • Drill through the River in Viet Nam

      Yesterday. We tried to drill over the River with 92m leght while we were having 40 drill pipe (tantamount 120m). This the first time we tried on the actualy terrain after the training with Vermeer Engineer supportment. That was so difficuilt for us. But DX20 x 22III was working perfectly eventhough the target is wrong way 5m. But everything is ok. We will try and try to do the best with Vermeer machines. Thanks for your support

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